Maria Spies Pottery
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Tumble-stacked Vase

For many of these woodfired pots, there is no glaze applied. Ash deposits from the burning wood accumulate on the pots to cause the glaze. The color variations on the pots come from temperature, air, flame-flow and proximity to other pots in the kiln. Maria has fired pots in the following kilns:

   -   Hiroshi Ogawa's kiln (Elkton Oregon)
        at the all women's invitational wood firing in 2000,
   -   Seabeck WA Santatsugama Dragon anagama kiln,
   -   Chester Springs Studio, PA wood kiln,
   -   Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society anagama kiln,
   -   Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society RH.Phllips groundhog kiln,
   -   Eastern Shore Art Center's manabigama, Fairhope Al.,
   -   John Resner's anagama, Fairhope Al. and
   -   Zack Sierke's Fairhope kiln.

Click this link to see a slideshow of a firing of the Navarre anagama kiln..